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Mobile & iPhone Website Design

Mobile & iPhone Website Design

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Product Description

Internet enabled mobile phones have had phenomenon uptake rates over the last couple of years and the growth of mobile web browsing is expected to continue growing steadily throughout 2009. With more sophisticated handsets like the Apple iPhone (and the many iPhone competitors) being released on the market and mobile carriers providing more competitive pricing for data, it is inevitable that more and more consumers are turning to their mobiles to browse websites, search online directories, make bookings, enquiries and purchase products.

Most website designs in Hong Kong are not optimised for viewing on mobile phones which is resulting in an increase in the number of businesses rethinking their online strategies to capture the growing mobile internet market. Once a customer has a bad experience viewing a website on a mobile phone, it is highly unlikely they will return.

There are many serious considerations with Mobile Website Design that needs to be addressed in the design and development of mobile sites for the user to get the most out of each visit, and most importantly, find what they came to the site in the first place for.

Earclink focuses on developing mobile optimised sites that have high level usability as well as delivering the required content and functionality of the site, restructured page by page for mobile applications to work with a high degree of effectiveness and ease of navigating on a small handset.

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